Gesinimo Games

Making games with the motto of “exaggerate life, built with heart and
made to feel great to play again.”

Gesinimo is an upstart videogame company specialising in developing and
publishing games on a variety of platforms , pushing
for the use of procedural generation for aspects of our games.


- Our most popular jam game turned into a viral casual hit - 
(Mobile / Web)

a one button skateboard romp, where each level is your own personal skate park to mess around in


- Our First Casual Mobile Game Release -
(Web / Mobile)

Play as a golf ball that can jump and be punched to get past obstacles to your goal! with a cast of weird golf balls.


- Released and critically acclaimed -

Speed Running Puzzle Platformer in which you use your bubble maker to make platforms and move objects in order to collect some carrots!

Project Goblins

-- To Be Announced --

Stealth Action game about the escapades of a reincarnated knight that has slipped through time just to get roped into get-rich-quick scheme by his beloved goddess in a city of criminals and magic.

Fistful of Nothing

You are stuck in a building with no exit, Surrounded by armed gunmen and elevators that choose to not work properly. Use an empty gun and your wits to trick your way to safety to LIVE to see another day!

Made for Humble Trove


- To Be Announced -

a rogue-lite shooter that's controlled the same way the dog pilots control the ships... with a single button. shoot, loot and bounce off walls to get the mighty fortune of the greatest space-pirate of all time

Sealed Estate (10mg)


you are locked inside by a creature. figure out how to escape from the estate you have been locked inside. who lived here? who are the voices haunting your every step?

Hands On Pete

- Made in 48hrs for GMTK2020 Game Jam -

Physics based platformer where you control a ball named Pete with a hand.


- for the #ChainLetter jam off the this game by @miziziziz, made during my free time over the course of a week -    

Win boxing matches by typing out your words!


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